Friday, February 24, 2012

What to buy for Baby?

If finding out you're pregnant wasn't overwhelming enough, having to shop for and set up a nursery really boggle the mind. The list of things you need is a mile long. The prices you have to pay make your eyes pop out of your head.

You really have to decide what is important for baby and what is really just a whim because it looks cool. Okay, really a lot of it looks cool. Have you seen the Rock N' Play? I want an adult sized one that I get to sleep in.

Or how about this Pink Pedal Airplane? Hey, Nanny Dani, I think I've found something for you to save up for!

These are just the icing on the cake! There are SOO many cool things like this! And don't get me started on the vintage things that are so awesome that I didn't appreciate or ever get as a kid. I have a laundry list of all those things that I want, just because I never had them.

But tell me Swell Shoppers, What do I really need to add to my list of items to buy for Jellybean? I know that my list is probably drastically different from the list I should have!

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