Saturday, March 3, 2012

Diaper Bags

I knew from the beginning that I wanted a Vera Bradley bag to use as a diaper bag. They are roomy and have so many pockets. They can also be thrown right into the washing machine if they get dirty or puked on or WORSE!

I was all ready to watch for a sale and just get a pattern that I liked, but wasn't really concerned about which one. I wanted a pattern that was sophisticated but not overly girly. Then the new spring 2012 patterns came out. And I'm in trouble!

The new "Ellie Blue" pattern is sophisticated, isn't overly girl AND it has ELEPHANTS! It really can't be more perfect. I'm stalking eBay for accessories for cheap. Now its whether or not to get it monogrammed and what style to buy!

Are you a Vera Bradley fan?

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