Monday, October 8, 2012

Welcome to Mamaland and the 21st century

Well its time for me to blog again. Mathilda is here. She is the most amazing gift and I want to share her with you. She arrived a little early and we can't be any more happy about everything about her!

With her arrived a need for a different way to reach the online world. We aren't a smartphone or iPhone family, so I ended up getting a handy little tablet to use while breastfeeding. The beauty of it is I'll be able to do a lot more blogging, starting now.

For now we'll start out slow to get back in the habit. I'll be doing wordless Wednesdays and a weekly recap. I hope to start telling you abt my favorite baby products and ways to get a swell deal on them.

I'll be honest that a I thought about abandoning Mrs. Shopswell and starting fresh with a new blog, but I will always be Mrs. Shopswell. I'm just on a new adventure.


Stephanie Leger said...

So happy for you. She is beautiful.

Meghan said...

Thanks. We love her so much!

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