Wednesday, March 7, 2012

20 Weeks: Half Baked!

So today is a big day for Our Jellybean! Half way cooked and in just another 20 weeks, will be making their debut to the world! I think a little ice cream will be in order this evening...

I can't believe I am so far along. I feel like we just found out. Three months ago we got to see our little one for the first time on the screen. The heart beating and flickering on the screen. It was amazing and made everything so real.

Its been a bumpy road, but I wouldn't give up a minute of it. I can't wait to meet our Jellybean!

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Crazy Cravings!

Jellybean really does have a sense of humor! She really likes foods that I would never in my life crave or search out. Things that I have hated ALL my life! or foods that Daddy loves, but I don't really have a huge affinity for, like bread. Daddy loves bread. He wants it with every meal. I, on the other hand, like bread when its around, but don't really think about it. If its around, then I may have some, but I don't search it out. Until December when I couldn't get enough!

All of my life, I've hated tomatoes. Sure, I like ketchup and will eat some tomato sauce on Spaghetti or Pizza.

Then sometime in January, I suddenly needed to eat tomatoes. It started at Subway. I asked for 2 rows of tomato slices. They looked at me like I was crazy, but they did it and it was amazing!

Then it was buying tomatoes an eating them on sandwiches at home. Whether it was a burger or Grilled Ham and Cheese, it needed to have thinly sliced tomatoes on it.

Then today I was in the grocery store and I saw someone with bananas in their basket and suddenly, I needed bananas. I had to have them. I could taste them. So I bought a big bag of the yummiest organic bananas. But that's not it!

When I got home, I remembered that there we had cereal, not just any cereal, Banana Nut Crunch cereal. That I topped with two sliced up bananas. Yup, that's right, not 1 but 2 sliced up bananas on banana cereal. AND IT WAS AMAZING!

Now there are quite a few foods out there that I love, that others don't like or would think are absolutely disgusting, like liver and gizzards and collard greens. But there are quite a few things that others like that I don't, like kiwis and mangoes and blueberries.

What will Jellybean want next?

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