Monday, March 12, 2012

Register? Schemegister!

So I finally finished our registry for Jellybean! I say finished very loosely. It doesn't seem like you can ever be truly finished. Every time you think you've added the last item, someone suggests the favorite baby product or something you were in love with is out of stock or discontinued.

Jellybean's nursery will have an elephant theme. We chose elephants because JB shares a due date with my Great Grandma, Nana's birthday. Nana and her husband, Papa, lived in India for several years. She loved elephants. Their house was decorated in elephants. When we were kids, every gift or card we ever gave her was decorated with elephants. Of course, I'd choose elephants for our nursery.

Though it has made it a lot easier to find elephant products, elephants are WAY too popular right now. There were so many elephant products that it was easy to find things with elephant exclusive patterns. I didn't have to choose items with an elephant and other animals. I don't think that I am 100% happy about their popularity, but its okay, our elephant nursery will be the funkiest on the block!

I also registered for items like nipple soothers and breast pads. Butt paste and pacifiers. Diaper pails and swaddling blankets. There are almost too many baby items to choose from. I know I didn't add nearly as many items as I could have and I still feel like 80 items is too many. I'm swimming in a sea of registry overload!

What do you suggest I add?

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