Thursday, October 25, 2012

Customized Stockings $7.99 shipped

Right now through Friday (10/26/12) you can get Customized Stockings from Vistaprint for only $7.99 + free shipping. I love Vistaprint and use them often for all my printing needs. 
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: What You Talkin' 'bout?

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Around Town: Exhibit Ale

If you haven't experienced a growler shop, it's time to check out the best way to try craft beer.

We are lucky to have Exhibit Ale just down the road from us. It's becoming a little bit of a weekly tradition for us to go down on Friday night and sample what's new, get our fills and hang out with Jessie and Jessica, the awesome owners.

So here is how it works. You go in, choose your beer, buy a jug, and leave with your yummies. Okay maybe that was too simple. The growler shop works like this. They have a number of beers and ciders on tap. Exhibit Ale has 30 taps. Most are beers, but they usually have at least 1 cider available for people like me who don't really like beer. Jessie, the genius that he is, got the Lawrenceville city council to pass a bill that allows you to buy 4 samples a day for $5 (or 1 for $1.50 but since this is the Mrs. Shopswell blog, you know I am going to tell you that 4 for $5 is a better deal.)

Before you start with the, "Why would I need any samples?" line, here's the thing, you are about to buy 32 or 64ozs of beer you may have never tasted. I'm not that big into gambling with my taste buds. What happens when you hate it?

Once you do decide what you want, you choose either 32 or 64 ozs. That will determine what growler you are going home with. You will be buying the bottle, but in reality, you are just putting a deposit down on it. If you don't want it any more or never plan on going back, you can always return it for your money back. Trust me once you see the growler light, this won't be happening, but I digress. After its filled, they seal it all up and send you out home to start enjoying every last drop.

We love it. They know our names, remember our favorite selections and even know how old Mathilda is week to week. I love when shop owners go the extra mile to really get to know their customers. It keeps me coming back week after week. Just make sure there is always a cider on tap!

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