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Bargain Shopping 101

Sounds simple, doesn't it? Just look for a deal and make it your mission to come home with the item. It doesn't take long after making the switch from shopaholic to savvy spender to realize there is WAY more to it than that. How much to you buy at one time? How do you balance tying up your liquid cash on the front end to snag a deal with maintaining your monthly savings goals? How much is too much? Where will you store everything? How do you track your rebates and organize your coupons? Arrrggghh!!!!! Don't worry. We've got your back.
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Reasons To Shop at Thrift stores

Basically thrift store conventions feature items you need not buy new. If you are buying them new, I’d have to say you’re probably wasting money, time, resources, energy...
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Use Facebook for freebies w/o giving the world your personal info

“How can I get a free sample or coupon from XYZ company without joining Facebook?”
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8 Reasons Not to Coupon Debunked!

If I use my low-ball estimate of $75 in savings and subtract out the cost of the papers, I am still at a savings of $65 per week.  It takes me 1-2 hours to save that $65…that’s $32.50 to $65 per hour.  That’s not chump change for the amount of time I put in to clipping!
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Shelf Life Misnomers

Just for kicks, wouldn't it be fun to know what foods have the longest shelf life? Contrary to popular belief, canned items are not high on that list. They lose their texture and nutritional value after about 9 months. Apart from honey (which is the only food I've come across that seems to last "forever" on its own).
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